Tugu Jogja

Tugu Jogja (or Toegoe Djokdja) is the most popular landmark of Yogyakarta. Hundreds of visitors will gather at night everyday to take photos of this monument. It is located right in the center of the crossroad between the Mangkubumi, Soedirman, A.M. Sangaji and Diponegoro streets. The Tugu Jogja that is almost three century old has a very deep meaning and it keeps some history records of Yogyakarta. Tugu Jogja was built around one year after the Yogyakarta Kingdom established.

This monument built to reflect the philosophy of the unity of God's creatures. That means the spirit of togetherness of lay people and authorities to fight the Dutch colonials. In Javanese term, the spirit of togetherness is called golong gilig that is clearly described in the construction of the monument: the pole is of gilig (cylinder) form and the top part is golong (rounded). Therefore, this monument is also known as Tugu Golong-Gilig.

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Tugu Jogja is the most famous landmark of the city of Yogyakarta. There is also a tradition to hug or kiss this monument when someone graduated from college. There are benches provided facing the monument at the corner of Jl. Mangkubumi to enjoy seeing the surounding. The best time is at 5-6 am when the air is still fresh and not many vehicles are passing by (by yogyes.com).

One of the famous landmarks in Jogja. It is linear with Merapi Volcano, Keraton/Palace and Parangteritis Beach. Many people come here late night and they sit in the middle of road to take photos. What a weird view (by Andi Pananrang).

Tugu jogja is a historical and iconic place in Jogjakarta. If you visit Jogjakarta, you must go here (by Yudhistira Brilianatama).

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