Gudeg Yu Djum

One of the most famous gudeg will taste is Gudeg Yu Djum. Passed on from generation to decline and is now the fourth generation. Gudeg Yu Djum serves dry gudeg that was popular had savory and delicious taste. suitable to serve as a souvenir. Its location on Jalan Wijilan, Jalan Kaliurang Km 4 and on Jalan Adisucipto. Yu Djum Gudeg Stall also provides the opportunity for foreign and domestic tourists to directly see the process of making gudeg, or even involved in the manufacturing process.

Gudeg is a local dish from Yogyakarta that is made of young jackfruit. Sweet taste dominates the flavor of gudeg eventhough today, many sellers has modified the taste of gudeg so every people can eat this kind of dish. In Wijilan, an area inside Yogyakarta Royal Palace, is well known as the central of gudeg. But do you know that there is a pioneer of gudeg seller in Wijilan. It is Gudeg Yu Djum.

Being a legend for almost 4 decades, Gudeg Yu Djum is one culinary place which is most visited by tourists who come to Yogyakarta. Therefore, the name of Gudeg Yu Djum has been a legend for culinary lovers. The well-known thing about Gudeg Yu Djum is the dried gudeg, which is really dried cooked without remaining any liquid. The color of this gudeg is old brownish. Therefore, this gudeg can be kept longer.

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