Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta, located in Gunungkidul, the village of Ngandong, Purwodadi, Tepus coastal area. This place is a more than two-hour driving and riding a motorbike from Yogyakarta. Nglambor is inside the same complex of Siung and Jogan Beach. The difference between Nglambor Beach and the other beaches nearby, is that it has the beatiful underwater scenery. This is the only beach in Gunungkidul area that can be used for snorkeling. Nglambor Beach is now a conservation area for coral reefs and beautiful fishes. So, enjoy the white sand and clean sea water here.

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Nglambor coastal sea floor is just like the aquarium universe with a million charm. A pair of "giant turtles" in front of the beach are able to tame the ferocious waves of the Indian Ocean, that makes the underwater panorama on the Java southern coast could be explored and dived safely (by

The beach is flanked by beautiful karst cliffs, which makes the waves at the beach becomes more calm and secure, unlike the other southern coasts. Now Nglambor Beach is becoming the most favorite snorkeling spot in Yogyakarta besides Sadranan Beach (by

This place has a clear blue water, two waves meet in a bay, good spot for snorkeling, it's a perfect place for groups or even family. But please, keep it clean from any waste (by Fajar Ali).

Quite and nice beach, recomended place to do snorkeling here with huge and various fish, amazing view arround the beach (by Jatmiko Budiadi).

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