Indrayanti Beach

This beach is very popular to domestic tourists, but not to international visitors due to limited information and reviews. Indrayanti beach is located in the coastal Sundak, Tepus Districts, Gunungkidul Regency. White sandy beaches that extend from east to west is relatively new and quite beautiful. In addition to its beauty, the beach is very clean, as this beach imposing fines on visitors caught littering.

Indrayanti or its official name Pulang Sawal Beach provides descent lodging facilities close to its coastal line. Night camping on the beach is also allowed. There are several pieces of jetski that can be rented by visitors to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the other side, the sea. Tired of jetskiing, playing in the water and sunbathing, guests can relax in the gazebo at the edge of the beach while enjoying a meal with a drink of fresh coconut.

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This beach is not inferior to top beaches in Indonesia such as the ones in Bali. White sand and clear water is the mainstay of this beatiful beach. When the night comes, this beach would not go lonely. The deeper the night, the beach gets more serene with the eclectic sound waves plus a hypnotic skyline (by

Indrayanti Beach is dubbed as Jogja with the taste of Bali. This is because the beauty of its white sand and its settings are pretty much like beaches in Bali (by

So beautiful.. I love this beach so much.. Local people are friendly, many cottages are available around this beach (Harri Andria).

Many alternative ways to this location, it is advisable not to use the bus because the road is relatively small and narrow, but roads is in good quality. Using Google Maps is highly recommended (Udi Siswantoro).

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