Tembi Cultural House

Tembi Cultural House is a great place to find documentation about the history and culture of Java, located in Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region province. Tembi is also a witness to the birth of many creative works created by local communities. This cultural house often hosts various cultural events such as art exhibitions, performances of traditional and contemporary art, dance and theater performances, music, to poetry reading. The cultural house is not funded by any institution. All activities are organized on a non-profit basis. To meet the needs of the expenditure, Tembi is running several businesses from its facilities such as workshop, artshop, homestay, museums, libraries, swimming pools, and food stalls.

The House posseses some variations of collection, the traditional tools of Javanese including kitchen appliances such as a furnace, boiler (for cooking), the weapon like dagger and spear, farming tools such as plows, swimming pool, art equipment such as gamelan and batik, and also historical photos, ancient poster. There is also an ancient motorcycle as well as a library with a number of manuscripts which have reached 5,000 units. It also provides an exhibition space, meeting rooms, lodging, restaurant, swimming pool and pavilion along with a set of gamelan instruments.

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This place is good for arts exhibition and performamce, they have a gallery with vintage bicycle and motorcycle collection from 50s. Besides the gallery also a resort with Javanese authentic design. Facilities including a resto and swimming pool (by Muhamad Taufiq Hidayat).

This place is one of the coziest place to stay for a vacation. Many arts exhibition was held here (by Ayu Laksmi).

This is a good place for rest and learn about culture, it has a museum too (by Thomas Pramantyo).

If you visit Yogyakarta and look for lodging with a beautiful rustic feel with the background of green rice fields, this location might be the one (by andikaawan.blogspot.co.id).

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