Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan

Ramayana ballet, this is the legend of Prambanan history that comes to life, presented by more than 150 artists at its original place. Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan is the most spectacular performance in Yogyakarta that held in an open theatre of the Prambanan temple complex, a UNESCO world culture heritage. The performance in open theatre only scheduled at dry season.

This performance which is similar to that engraved on Prambanan temple will offer you a theatrical performance combined with musical performance that will guide you to the past time to follow the story of Prince Rama, when he rule the Kingdom as the Caesar in India. This dance-drama is a marvelous visualization of legendary epos in Javanese culture, Ramayana.

Performed in an open stage, Ramayana ballet invites you to enjoy the story in a set of typical Javanese dance accompanied by gamelan music. A full-time professional in arts, drama, dance and musical of Javanese heritage perform with about 150 members. The Ramayana Prambanan Ballet is celebrating the 50th on-going consecutive years (1961-2011). The dance and uniform are portraying the Javanese tradition and culture. This attraction involve not only dancers but also gamelan (Javanese traditional music instruments) musicians and sinden (Javanese singer with unique voicing).

What reviewers think...

Magnificient views of the Prambanan in the background. Very good example of Javanese dance. Well organized. They also provide hotel drop offs after the show is over at a nominal rate (by Dhiman Das).

It has nice background especially when it's full moon. The ballet tell a story of Ramayana. The story divided into 4 chapter. Each night will only play 1 chapter. The dancing are beautiful and unique (by Andre Budayasa).

When visiting Yogyakarta, I highly recommend to plan for watching this splendid show of the traditional ballet of Ramayana. Best time of the year are during summer where you get the outdoor theatre with a spectacular fire show during the burning Hanoman scene. I'll promise you won't regret every penny spent! (by Guntur Sarwohadi)

Quite disappointing performance overall and a bit of a tourist trap given taxis can ask you any price to go there and back. Better to arrange a private transport (by Evgeny S).

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