Lotek Bu Ning Tamsis

Bu Ning is a legend in Yogyakarta's culinary world. Her food stall located in Tamansiswa (or in short: Tamsis) offers lotek and gado-gado or hodgepodge (vegetables and peanut sauce dish) with smooth peanut sauce that is distinctive and taste tempting. Three large mortars have become its trademark. Bu Ning and employees make peanut sauce and blend lotek and hodgepodge that customers order. When lunch time comes and customers begin to arrive, then, 5-10 servings of lotek or hodgepodge can be directly blended in those large mortars. However, although made in large portions, do not worry that you will lose its taste.

What reviewers think...

Traditional Indonesian food, good value and good taste. The gado-gado was very tasty. Es campur was the prefect complement to the gado-gado (by Alistair Funge).

The peanut sauce here is really its signature characteristic (by Nur Rokhman).

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